Sunday, June 13, 2010

Farewell Through Argentinian Eyes

Yup, this is the end of this blog.

Since I'm currently IN Argentina, the whole title wouldn't make much sense now, would it? :)

I've started a new one just in case anyone is still interested :)

Thanks for reading and commenting on this one for four years.

Friday, January 01, 2010

White Buddha and bugs

Went out with some friends to climb a gazillion steps to reach this Buddha image, close to where we live.



The view from the top.

Peacocks free to roam around the temple compound.

"Bugs" Around My House
(these have nothing to do with the previous images, but they were in the same folder, and I kind of like them, so why not?)


Los latinoamericanos AIUanos de paseo en Kanchanaburi

(en realidad, cronologicamente este post ocurrio antes que el anterior de Phuket, pero bueno, salio asi.... :) )
Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi

Walking with the're instructed on where to pet it, where to stand, what to do and what not to do...

 Photo session with the tigers (my memory stick ran out, so I only got two or three in...good enough)

Lindo gatito...(via la camara de John. Gracias!)

Bridge over the River Kwai

Train going through.


 Tow, tow, tow! Floating restaurants on the Kwai river.
 Las chicas

Elephant Village
 My elephant is the 2nd one, struggling through the water.

 Traveling in style...(it was extremely hot...pulled out my umbrella, just like any other Asian girl would!)
 Sacando cuentas...jeje
El grupete latino, de izq. a der.: Sendy Monarrez (Mexico), Yaniris Cordova (Mexico), Paola Bueno (Colombia), John Bueno(Colombia), Rosi Ortiz (Mexico), Daniel Bernhardt (Argentina), Marlise Bernhardt (Argentina), Erika Ixtepan (Mexico), yo.


Mini-vacation weekend in Phuket. Courtesy of Ron & Shawna (Thanks again!).

Aqua-chatting... took these pics with my cellphone, so the quality isn't that great, but the moments are!
The classic auto-picture, intended to prove that I was there, at this very nice beach, at this very nice resort, with those very nice friends :)


Watermelon & papaya art

 The anti-topless activists.... by some random turn of events, we ended up at a beach where some European ladies had decided to go topless, so we decided to stage an anti-topless demonstration...hehe
 The incredibly graceful duo, of reknown ballet fame...haha (via Daniel's camera. Gracias!)